Monday, July 18, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Days 4 & 5}

{Playing with color pencils after supper}

Now you know that I don't typically spend much computer time on Sundays! In consequence, this post is rather picture heavy, so be warned (I'm sure you won't mind, Mummy. :)
Please forgive the disorderly photos, they're a bit mixed up and this post is a wee choppy on account of it!
{He insisted on eating with the ears on, I thought it was pretty cute too!}

After a long night (courtesy of Dom's unaccounted for screaming), Sunday morning was a bit slow but by His grace, we made to out the door, fed, dressed, and ready to worship! I say "by His grace" because that morning, Nicole was pretty hard up for sleep and a dreadful virus went through me and I felt just like Preggers did six months ago! It was definitely a trial to make the zucchini bake for breakfast and I had to have Sophie make the pbj's to take to church, thankfully I had the presence of mind to take a plastic grocery sack in my pocket (yes, I used it). After my "grocery sack episode" I felt so much better and this morning was right as rain. Just to ease myself into eating again, I cooked up some apples, blueberries, a knob of ginger, and a wee bit of coconut oil; it can hardly be called a sauce because I made it kind of chunky (just the way I like it) but it was a wonderful way to start the day. Memories of after my jaw surgery came back but all good things I assure you. :)
{Tomorrow's breakfast, plus slivered almonds, coconut flakes, and flax seeds!}

Tomorrow Nicole and I have nail appointments with my Aunt (at the fun spa she works at!), gotta prepare Preggers twinkle toes for the big day! She's graciously doing mine as well, they really need a good pedi and she is the only person I trust for the job!
When I was a little girl (Can I say that since I'm almost 21?), my Aunt Gaby lived with us for a season and, being the meticulous nail tech at the time, us girls were always well cared for, specifically in that area. I think we were the only girls in our circle of friends who had daisy's on our toes in the summertime. Ever since then she's been very good to make sure we have the best nail equipment and polishes; it's pretty painful but our hands and feet thank us after she's worked on them!
All of that to say that we'll be heading up to Burnet tomorrow to spend the day with my Grandmother and get our nails done. A delectable Asian Chicken salad is on the menu and fresh watermelon (my favorite!); Tita (my Grandmother) generally has some sort of yummy treat on hand, most anything from fresh flour tortillas to tasty gf delights! We're always well fed there.
{Playing with trains after supper, complete with graphic sound effects.}

{The lay of the land before the decluttering battle was fought.}

Today we tackled the largest area on our "To-Do" list; the caution zone that was the Stickies room; the handy dandy trundle bed makes it possible for all three of them to sleep in a room, Sophia graciously sleeps with Dom on the bottom, leaving the top bed for the Wiggle Worm that is Mia. I'll post an after picture later, we still have some rearranging to do. The decluttering bit was a difficult battle; many seven and four-year-old tears were shed and lots of lecturing was done but thankfully Nicole nobly smuggled out some items to be sold in future tag sales (that's New Yorkan for garage sale)--shhh, don't tell anyone!
{Dom wears these when he takes a shower, genius I say.}

In other, less tearful news, Dominic has taken to wearing swimming goggles while he has his bath! Why didn't I think of that when I was two?? Brilliant and very cute--video to come, Nani. "You will die!"
{We've been doing a bit of yoga relaxation before bedtime each night.}

Also before bed, I've taken to giving a wee yoga session to the Stickies, mostly just relaxing stuff; Dom and Mia don't really get the idea of relaxing their facial muscles (meaning, no talking) but Sophie gets it pretty well. They all enjoy it and it's still fun for them to do. :)
{Popcorn and nutritional yeast, baby!}

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