Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 5th birthday!

Dear Mia,

Happy 5th birthday! Five years ago, I was blessed when God brought you into our lives. You were so small; I couldn't believe it when I saw your dark hair, eyes, and skin. Those tiny fingers, but big eyes.

I'm so thankful to have watched you grow and mature over the years. From learning to walk, to sucking your thumb, to wild stories, to cuddly times on the couch, to times when you cry, to time when you can't stop laughing, to jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler, to learning to read. 

I love to see how you love your family. How you enjoy anything related to chocolate and movies, but can't stand whipped cream; how you love to sing hymns and always wear dresses; how you like organizing cabinets, but don't like cleaning up toys.

I pray that the Lord will draw you unto Himself one day. That you would be a virtuous woman of God, one whose beauty is known by your "quiet and gentle spirit". That you would learn to fear the Lord, for this is beautiful and worthy of praise. That the gospel would be your passion and Christ would be your focus.

 Mia, I love you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Letter of 1970

Well, I can now talk about the surprise I mentioned last month.
In January of this year, we (with the Hoods) went to an estate sale, and I bought True Grit. And as I was going to buy it, I noticed a slip of blue paper, -- I was curious-- but I bought it anyway. Well, when we were walking to the car I opened up the paper, and it was a letter, dated June 1970! Now, I always find these things very intriguing, and yes, I realize it is sometimes called "being nosy". But not when you bought it, right?
That evening, when all of us girls were chatting in Mom's room, I brought the letter, and Mrs.Mitzi was able to decipher and read the letter aloud (I have awful handwriting, and I'm awful at reading other peoples handwriting).
The letter was SO sweet! This lady--Mrs. Nicholson-- was writing to her friend in New York, telling her about everything from BBQ parties, to gardening, to room decor, to getting ready for her baby-on-the-way! As Mrs.Mitzi read it to us, we took the news in as if it were us that the writer were writing to!

So, over six months later, here we are.

Earlier this month I finally sat down and wrote a letter to the Mrs.Nicholson, telling her about this letter that is in my possession and if she would like it back. When I sent it, I knew I shouldn't expect an immediate reply back, that is, if the lady still lived at the original address that she wrote from.
Okay, so that was less than two weeks ago, and last Monday I received a charming little note from the lady--Mrs. Nicholson!! I was so giddy, I felt like I'd won the lottery! Though she doesn't live at the original address I wrote to, it managed to find her. :)

Mrs.Nicholson graciously gave her permission for me to write this post, and she allowed me to keep the original letter!

Note the six cent postage stamp.

People had such nicer handwriting in the 70s.
Makes me ashamed of my own.

Thank you, Mrs.Nicholson.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Remembering the Hoods

You know, reading that title makes me think that they died. Don't worry, they didn't! I was just uploading some videos, and thought that I just had to share them with you!

Okay, if you insist, I'll show you this one too!

Playin' in the street!
April 2011

Good ol' sprinker times!
April 2011

Way over a year ago!
February 2010

When the Hoods came to stay with us while their a/c was out, a year ago!
August 2010

The ladies.
Ready, with their babies, to go to the store.
August 2010

Having a bit of fun, after we raked all the leaves in the yard.
January 2011

Love you Hoods!


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