who we are...

Nicole is the eldest of we four girls, a mommy to four munchkins, and the ever present intellectually sound/emotionally stable one of our family. She majors in large words, brewing her own kombucha, making mouth-watering edibles, and training her brood to fear the Lord. Playing scrabble, listening to sermons, bathing chubby babies, laughing, making cheeses, and trying new recipes are just some of the ways she fills her days.

We think she's pretty wonderful.

Elena is the second of the Marques Sisters (the one on the left) and probably the one that uses the left side of her brain the most. When she's not knitting, sewing, selling things in her online shop, exercising, writing on her art blog, or cleaning she can be found organizing her craft/clothes closet, learning French and other accents, traveling, reading, going to estate sales, writing letters, researching, or rearranging furniture. 

She also has a habit of speaking to perfect strangers with a foreign accent.

Mica is the third-born and aside from providing invaluable nutritional information, she regularly administers various juicing concoctions, handmade beauty products, and very funny remarks. She enjoys learning more about nutrition, writing on her foodie blog, health, traveling, spreading the gospel, and watching funny movies with popcorn.

We really couldn't do without her.

 Carolina is the "Baby" of the family, who isn't really a baby anymore. 
She is our very own Beatrix Potter, Emily Dickinson, Nanny McPhee, Charlotte Church, and self-proclaimed seller of old books on Amazon. She wears many hats but the ones she loves the most are Tia (Aunt), writer of letters, sculpter of clay, nature photographer, avid reader, baby holder, and crafter.

She also makes funny jokes. 

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