Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So there's this problem,

I was reading this blogpost from one of the blogs Elena follows (I was on her account by accident) and I was thinking,  "Wow, she must have a lot of pictures on her blog." Then I went to go upload some more pictures on the Curly Deisgn, and then I thought, " Well, she probably has had her blog for a while; we probably have a long time before we get there." And within seconds, blogger told me I have used up all picture space and would have to "upgrade" aka pay!
I just had to laugh at loud.

So now, I'm afraid we must say goodbye to this blog.

As a side note, I was going over our posts, and we have published 390 blog posts (don't ask me have many drafts we have!).
Also, we've had 21,718 pageviews in our blog history.

You know, it seems such a shame to just end a blog, leave it in the dust, and move on.
So, I've  been toying with the idea of making a book of our blog, as like a family journal (but more orderly).
I think I shall.

If everything in my evil plan works out, I'll post again, only if I have the finished book, AND if we get another blog.

             Caro :)


Kyleigh said...

I don't really know how blogger works, but if you use Picasa Web Albums then the photos aren't actually on blogger, which means you should be able to use more. I use the web albums and just use html for all the photos - but maybe even that would be a problem!

Emily said...

wow, I didn't know that. I hope yall do decide to start another blog!


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