Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mary Poppins Goes Home

At least for a little while. :)
As I type this, my sisters, Green Bean Niece, and I are squishing on the sofa in a darkened living room; the rest of the home is tucked snugly away in bed and the only sound is the keyboard and our cuckoo clock. Yes, the Webbs and I arrived in Houston earlier today and plan to have a nice, long visit!

It is such a sweet blessing to be home again.
Especially with almost all of my dear family home as well (We miss you, Dad and Chris!!); we've been doing a vast amount of laughing, giggling, joking, talking, and--of course--eating. The exact time of our stay here is yet to be decided but I've relished being home again! It truly feels like ages since I was here and thoughts of Rip Van Winkle have floated through my mind but those were only fleeting, as the essential things of my home haven't changed.
{Lunchtime activities: finger people!}

This week we have some delightful social engagements, one of the benefits of having a new baby in the home--everyone wants to meet, greet, kiss, and cuddle the new Little Green Bean. Naturally, we can't blame them, as it is our personal opinion that Eva is edible.
The girls--and Dom, in his way--have been especially helpful with the extra work around the home; the above shot is of them bringing in the diapers from drying in the sun. Yes, my superwoman sister, Nicole, is just that: Superwoman. Cloth diapers are no easy task, though they help to save money and the environment, they're quite a load of work (no pun intended)! Both my sister and Aunt have made the brave choice of cloth diapering (three children at a time in one case!), each with slight variations but both with a few extra laundry steps. I think it's marvelous that they're so dedicated and I'm so glad I have my share of experience with cloth diapers (let me tell you, rinsing a dirty diaper is a character building experience).
So, for the next week or so, I look forward to bringing you the happenings of our time here and this part of my "Mary Poppins" season. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Grit- The Real Thing

This was an estate sale find earlier this year. I had immediate plans (in my head, that is) to sell it! But, as you can tell, I have only recently put time and effort to accomplish this. Amusingly enough, I managed to have time to read it and review it within the first couple months I got it.

Unlike most books that I find, this one has no fade marks

Dust jacket has taken a great deal of the wear and tear.

The book itself is in great condition!
There is a interesting side-story about what I found in this book after purchasing it, but I'll save that for later!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Eva Christine Webb}

2, August 2011
1:29 pm
19. 75 inches
7.1 lbs
Our Bun in the Oven is now a Wee Little Bean.
We were blessed with this Sweet Girl in record time!
Nicole was induced around 10 am Tuesday morning and it was a quick ride from there,
as she went from 6 centimeters to pushing in about ten minutes;
our Sweet God was very gracious to Nicole,
just when she thought she couldn't do it anymore the
labor was a push away from being over.
Praise our sweet God, from whom all Dear Blessings flow!
{funny hospital story}
So the day Nicole was induced, I stayed home with the Chicklets and the plan was for Chris to call us when it was time to come to the hospital. Well the time came, everyone was in a flurry of excitement to throw every "necessary" article of clothing on, and Mia grabs my face and says,
"Elena! We're going to go see Wall-E today!"

I just looked at her.

"What Mia? Wall-E??"
"Yes, Wall-E! We get to go see her today!!"
"Mia, her name's 'Eva', not 'Wall-E'"
(Laughs hysterically) "Oh!"

I guess we shouldn't have watched that movie so close to actually seeing Eva.
Today is their first full day home from the hospital and they're both recovering swimmingly!
Though I may have to get bungee cords to keep Nicole in bed, she wastes no time in sleeping; she really is a wonderful mother and bears things very nobly.
(Even the power outage on her first evening home! In our 117 degree heat!
But that's a story for another time.)
Eva is precious.
The Stickies have taken to her so well, even Dominic is quickly
learning to keep an ear out for her.
Now you know the reason for the slight break in our "Mary Poppins Writes" series;
be looking for more pictures when we return!


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