Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mary Poppins Goes Home

At least for a little while. :)
As I type this, my sisters, Green Bean Niece, and I are squishing on the sofa in a darkened living room; the rest of the home is tucked snugly away in bed and the only sound is the keyboard and our cuckoo clock. Yes, the Webbs and I arrived in Houston earlier today and plan to have a nice, long visit!

It is such a sweet blessing to be home again.
Especially with almost all of my dear family home as well (We miss you, Dad and Chris!!); we've been doing a vast amount of laughing, giggling, joking, talking, and--of course--eating. The exact time of our stay here is yet to be decided but I've relished being home again! It truly feels like ages since I was here and thoughts of Rip Van Winkle have floated through my mind but those were only fleeting, as the essential things of my home haven't changed.
{Lunchtime activities: finger people!}

This week we have some delightful social engagements, one of the benefits of having a new baby in the home--everyone wants to meet, greet, kiss, and cuddle the new Little Green Bean. Naturally, we can't blame them, as it is our personal opinion that Eva is edible.
The girls--and Dom, in his way--have been especially helpful with the extra work around the home; the above shot is of them bringing in the diapers from drying in the sun. Yes, my superwoman sister, Nicole, is just that: Superwoman. Cloth diapers are no easy task, though they help to save money and the environment, they're quite a load of work (no pun intended)! Both my sister and Aunt have made the brave choice of cloth diapering (three children at a time in one case!), each with slight variations but both with a few extra laundry steps. I think it's marvelous that they're so dedicated and I'm so glad I have my share of experience with cloth diapers (let me tell you, rinsing a dirty diaper is a character building experience).
So, for the next week or so, I look forward to bringing you the happenings of our time here and this part of my "Mary Poppins" season. :)

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Callithump a.k.a. Us said...

You have been missed, Elena! I'm so glad you are home safely. :)


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