Friday, July 29, 2011

The Older-Baby Sister...

Yup, that's me in the middle. And I have been constantly reminded these past few weeks (actually, this past year) of how much I'm the older-baby sister. Since "Mary Poppins" has been gone, and the receptionist has been busy, I've had to do more things then I'm used to around the house.
I don't normally have to vacuum the entire house, cleaning the kitchen, babysit dogs, do school with Emmy, crack jokes, prepare food, and be co-pilot in the car, all of which I did by my self.
I can already hear Nicole, Elena, and Mica laughing out loud and saying, "Oh poor you!".

Yes, I'm the old-baby sister.

Yup, I'm glad God made my family the way He did, otherwise this would be a very different post.

With all that said, I might as well give y'all a peek of the past quiet weeks.

A recent estate sale find (but sadly unprofitable on Amazon).

They are in excellent condition!

Mia's watermelon plant has been taking advantage of the trellis.
It was trying to wrap around my bluebonnets, but I dealt with them.

Emily being...Emily. :)

My new fancy fossil watch!

A visit to the Hoods!

Their eyes are glued to the screen, can't you tell?

Notice Nate biting his blankie cause he was a bit scared at this part of the movie. :)


She is one of three Boston Terriers that we are babysitting.

Beading with Emmy.

This one is really for Elena and Nicole to admire the new couch cushions!

And that's all the pictures I've got for now.
Caro :)


The Armour Family said...

Too cute Caro! I love seeing old photos of people. Y'all were so adorable! (of course you're still adorable even now!) :) Are you planning on reading those estate sale books? They sure do look interesting!

Soli Deo Gloria! Love,


Elena said...

Ah, Caro! I love this post!

You are the old-baby sister. :)

Thanks for posting these pictures, I love being able to see glimpses of the Hoods home, AND our sofa cushions! It must really change the look of the living room.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post, Carolina! I love how you've expressed yourself here with humility and love for others!

Anonymous said...

Ach, those old books! Books are one of my great interests, old books in particular (my small library of them being amongst my prize possessions). I couldn't bare to part with the ones shown here! :)


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