Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 9}

Yesterday was a perfect combination of being busy and still getting things done around the home! For some reason, I didn't end up taking very many pictures but as a supplement, you can see Dom in action in this funny video, a few days ago, we were on our way out to run errands and Sophie was in a very playful mood. :)
Baley spent the day with us again and more games of dress-up were played; all three of the girls get along so well together. Baley's a champ and hangs well with us and our day. :)
For lunch we met Tita and the Apodaca's at one of our favorite burger places! It's always bustling, especially around lunchtime. It's all about the atmosphere and the french fries here, well, for the Chicklet's it's all about the onion rings but I have a distinct opposition to such things so they have those, just a small burger and fries for me!
(To my Dear Family: I savored the flavors just for you--it was just like you remembered it.)

When we came home it was bedtime for Dom and schooltime for the Girlies; Baley colored and muched on apple slices while Sophie and Mia finished their work.
I hopped over to the Apodaca's home to have a wee nanny session while they had a date night. It was just like old hat, the kids and I ate supper and romped around a bit before bedtime. Here's a bit of our dinnertime conversation:

Abby: (Said very quickly) Elena, how old are you??
Me: I'm twenty.
Abby: (gasp) Momma's twenty too!!
Noah: Abby, Momma's __, not twenty.
Abby: (carelessly shrugs her shoulders) Oh!

My Aunt and Uncle came home early and I did some quick shopping at HEB before heading home. Nicole and I began our nightly ritual of quickly getting ready for bed and cozying up on the sofa with our kombucha; well, she rocks out on her pilates ball and I snuggle on the sofa, Nicole doesn't really do the whole snuggle thing but she does know how to relax and unwind!
Last night we finished a mysterious, funny movie and headed to bed.

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Christina Hastings said...

Aww, you're blog is so sweet! The kiddos are so adorable!



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