Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 1}

{Emily and I getting a little shut eye after reading The Secret Garden,
yes, it was a wonderful cat nap; no drool was involved and Caro was gracious enough to take a far away picture of the sleeping beauties--thanks Caro!}

Today is my first day here in the Webb home! We've already started reading The Magician's Nephew; I really like to have a "long-term" book to read when I'm here for extended periods of time. Nicole and I set our calendar and schedules (her on her iphone and me on my scrap sheet of notebook paper, that is!) and we have a game plan; meals are set, outings planned, and appointments are scheduled (TMI)! I just hope we don't melt while we're out on the town.
{Emily and I before leaving on this humid, balmy morning}

And you guessed it, another blog series is underway; there will be daily (meaning every 24-hours) posts on my time here, complete with pictures and comments on the day!
Check back each day for a new glimpse! However, patience is required on the days when laundry is piled or people just collapse into bed. : )
{One last goodbye}

Naturally we had to stop at our favorite taqueria before heading to Austin; it's a wonderful place that serves mouth watering breakfast tacos (the best ever!) and they know us by name--a good time all around. If you ever stop by, try to sit with your back against the TV's; it's just Mexican novellas but they're super over dramatic and paints an unrealistic picture of our culture...or perhaps too realistic more on that later!
{Nate the Great before bed}

As I think back on this evening, I am reminded of how wonderfully simple it is to be two:
people kiss you all the time, you never sit in a soiled diaper for too long (right?), you never fend for yourself, and the ladies generally melt when you smile their way.
The only draw back is when you can only find one of your sister's purple, fluffy high heels;
that's just the pits.

I'm really looking forward to this time. : )

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Emily said...

You're in Austin and I'm not there!!! :(
I hope you have so much fun. Can't wait to see you!


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