Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes Day {12} Yep, today it really is!

So, I double counted and I've been off on my numbering! So sorry for the confusion, I think that not posting on Sunday's is throwing me off. : )

Well, yesterday we spent the morning at Cabela's (the outdoor person's haven), which is actually quite a beautiful store; the displays are interesting and well done and they have a mini aquarium with local fish/turtles! The kids were fascinated and thrived on every bit (they also had donuts for breakfast, hence the thriving. ;)
The rest of the day was devoted to lunch, napping, and grocery shopping (all very necessary and fun). I made a batch of Hearty Beef Stew, with the help of America's Test Kitchen, and popped it in the fridge for later.
Chris took us out to a place down under (i.e. Outback) for dinner; it was my first time to eat at this Aussie place and though I was a wee bit disappointed that no one there had an Australian accent, I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent out with the Webbs! It was also my first time to have Ahi Tuna, a little bit chewy but the flavor and sauces were nice. What really made me smile were the signs for the bathrooms: Ladies became "Sheilas" and Men were "Blokes", I'm thinking that would be neat to incorporate at home...somehow...
Also, Chris and I came to an interesting observation: Mica should be here instead of Mia and Chris should have been named Dominic. It's true, I'm beginning to make a habit of calling Dom by Chris and Chris by Dom; and Chris keeps calling Mia "Mica". We're both getting old, I just didn't expect this to happen in our twenties (why, yes, I am being liberal with my age, or generous with his--pick one). Poor Dom has also been affected by our loss of brain cells, he's been calling me by "Nani" ever since I arrived ("Nani" is the Chicklets affectionate name for my Mum), not sure what to do about it aside from correcting him each and every time he says it; I personally think it's pretty cute. : ) I think he must be confused by the hair and the fact that "Nani" and "Nena" sound pretty similar.
No, Mum, I don't think he'll confuse us when
we're both in the same room.
You're the "Nani", I'm just the nanny.
At any rate, I think we all need more vitamin D and sleep.

For those of you that are not on Facebook or our "recent calls" list, Nicole and Chris have opted to schedule an induction sometime tomorrow morning; so we'll be posting lots of baby pictures soon! Due to my love and adoration for fresh babies (especially my sister's), I can't promise a post tomorrow night but know that I'll be posting as soon as I'm able!
We're all very excited to be meeting this wee lassie and covering her with kisses; may God be praised for protecting, caring for, and providing for this little one and her mamma thus far!

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Shelbi said...

Praying for a safe and easy delivery for your sister and a healthy baby girl! =) Can't wait to see pictures!


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