Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 7}

Yesterday there was a wedding. :)
It did not include the dapper Little Man but an invisible prince from...well, I'm not quite sure where he was from... at any rate it was the event of the year and took up the entire living room!
Bailey Button spent the afternoon with us and the girls played the entire time, thankfully they're just as good at cleaning up as they are at playing together.
For supper last night, Nicole made a yummy batch of homemade mac and cheese!
Delightfully paired with grilled chicken and lots of broccoli, it was so comforting and we both agreed would make a wonderful dinner to take to a new mommy. Let us know if you'd like the recipe, we'd be more than happy to share. :)
The Bride, Wedding Coordinator, and Maid of Honor.
While they were playing, Nicole and I conquered the Chicklet's room! It was a big item on our list and such a burden was lifted when we finished. Things are now labeled and put into their proper places, the key will be keeping it that way...
After tidying up a wee bit after dinner, we headed to the park and had some good swinging and running time; the Webbs usually take the long way back home and the Chicklets were pretty worn out after that, once we came home, we dragged them through the bathtub and they dropped into their bed. Nicole and I enjoyed a nice stretch time (me with the dolphin plank and Nicole demonstrating her fascial dog--it was great.), our night cap, and the rest of this mysterious series--we were left hanging!

I know what you're thinking now, "What does 'chicklets' mean?" Well, traditionally, it's the name of a wee pack of gum that's no bigger than a nickle; you can get them for about five cents at any mexican grocery store (my personal favorite is the minty green color). It's also how my sister refers to her brood, I thought it was pretty cleaver as the chicklet gum comes in a pack of four pieces and my sister has four little ones too. Hence, chicklets. :)

Later this evening I'll be posting about our big day downtown today! Stay tuned to read about our time in the heart of the "Keep Austin Weird" city!

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Carolina said...

I LOVE the first one of Dommy! I want to kiss him! :)


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