Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 12}

Yesterday's high was 105 degrees...so, we went to the splash pad! Which accounts for the lack of pictures of the day, I thought it a little too dangerous to pull out the camera while dozens of dripping children were running past me. It was a grand time, we met our cousin and her two little girls there as well, it made for a nice time as the girls all played together very well. Dominic was very opposed to all of the water everywhere but in the end he was running around and and filling his hat with water. :)

Also, Nicole washed and folded the rest of the baby items--so cute! I have a few wee surprises in my bag and everything is all set and ready to go. Tomorrow is another appointment for Nicole and while her and Chris are out, the girls and I will be making some "Welcome Home Baby" crafts (I think another banner is in order).
Oh, and for dinner we had grilled chicken with lacto-fermented carrots (we got ours from this fun place); lettuce, slivered almonds, cucumbers, leeks, and lots of fermented carrots were in order as well as some pepper and olive oil!
After supper, in order to help the Yet-to-Be-Seen-Offspring, we went for a long walk through the neighborhood and played for a bit at the park, that is, the Chicklets played at the park while Nicole and I people watched at a picnic table. Despite the heat and Mia's wee legs, it was a wonderful way to end the day; walking is one of the best ways to enjoy this part of Austin, the steep hills give a great view of this area, it just takes a bit of time to walk them. : )
And just for some special random tidbits (mostly for my family in Houston); this is what Dom keeps playing over and over again on Nicole's phone, this is the second most frequent song he plays. Yesterday I listened to them while everyone was taking a nap, mostly because I hadn't listened to them all the way through. :)

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