Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 8}

I love downtown Austin.
It's all a hustle and bustle of people, bikers, and dogs; there's a certain relaxed feel about the place. Never mind the hundred degree weather, much can be done along and in Lady Bird Lake, even biking around town, it's very doable when you have your own bike lane.
A popular slogan, which you'll probably see on a plethora of Austin bumper stickers, "Keep Austin Weird", is certainly true in all areas--especially downtown!
The natives love supporting local farmers, artists, and entrepreneurs of all kinds; a great place for a budding, creative seller who wanted to get her stuff out to her audience. :)
Like New York is for the actress, Austin is for the artisan, people just love buying local there and are willing to stay loyal and supportive.
One of the places we visited today was what we call "The Soap Place"; a great place to go for natural soaps and all around natural healing stuff. The staff is very helpful and friendly too!
Now, it's not called weird for nothing! Austin certainly has it's share of tree huggers, environmentalists, homosexuals, hippies, bikers (yep, they can be weird too), and animal lovers; most big cities have those, it just looks different here. Perhaps it's the different flavor that makes me see their need for Christ in special way; they're all people and many of them are godless and as lost as can be. Truly, they are blind and deaf to their spiritual condition, and it's so sad.
But I also see little ways how God is working in individuals lives, sometimes the softening of a heart begins with a conversation and an example of a different life.

My sister tells me that Austin in one of the largest places for food trucks. All along south Congress, we saw bunches of them here and there. They even have their own web site; and let me tell you, there was a plethora of food choices, everything from taco shacks to crepes to Thai to cupcakes! It's all there, the question lies with where you want to park your car, but I'd get there early, these places don't exactly have covered parking. ;)
{This one's for your benefit, Nicole.}
{And this one's for you, Mum.}
We had a delectable lunch at the Whole Foods plaza! It's right on top of the building and it even has a playscape for the Chicklets. Nicole brilliantly planned rolled lunchmeat, cheese, and peaches (we snagged the salt and vinegar chips from the store), as well as root beer and some bakery items to finish! It was so refreshing and we were able to sit in a breezy, shady spot (which was so nice for my sister).

I'm just glad I haven't started waddling yet! Yes, it's true, I'm a flexible person to the point that I might just pick up other people's mannerisms with just a day of being with them.
A few years ago I spent a week with a friend who had just had her baby; she was still tenderly waddling around the house and after a few days I found myself waddling around too!
It's dreadful I know, but at the same time, it's kind of fun to imitate the little ways that make people unique. :)

The Apodaca's joined us for dinner, promptly afterward--amidst the bustle and clamor of the room--my Aunt and Uncle started arm wrestling. A part of me thinks that it's just an excuse for them to hold hands and look deeply into each others eyes (yep, they're that sort, and I love it!), but who knows. :)

While the above was going on, I got to work on baby booties to match the sweater dress for the Bun in the Oven; I was giving my wrists a break for a few days but now I'm back to work!
I love little projects that travel well; do you know, I have yet to see another person knitting in public? I'm not sure why but I was kind of expecting to see more of that here...
Ah well. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying these posts.

Emily said...

I want to see Austin with Y'ALL! This looks like so much fun! And I haven't seen lots of those places before... How have I never been to the Herb Bar and Off the Wall? I've added them to my "to do" list... :)
I, also, am enjoying these posts! Thanks for keeping us all updated with your adventures. :)


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