Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 6}

{Fresh, wild lantana from the backyard, brightens the entire kitchen}

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day out in Burnet with my Grandparents and Aunt. We started the day off pretty early with muffins and eggs, then flew over to our nail appointment with my Aunt. Dom loved showing off his snake skin boots and the girls enjoyed the swivel chairs; it was a good time for visiting and enjoying each others company.
{Miss Crystal and Miss Portia}

"No, you can't stay here!"
"But, my children will starve if we're out on the streets, please, please give me shelter!"

"And then Sophie, the girl was sad."
This is how most of the afternoons go at Tita's house; out come the hat boxs full of scarves and petticoats, off go the everyday garb of a certain eight and four year old. They leave the heat of Burnet, Texas and slowly travel through the snowy streets of some far off town, wear wolves run rampant, as well as dangerous fevers. I remember similar journey's in the not too distant past: orphans on the run from devilish French soldiers with ill-intentions, crossing snake infested jungles and fighting off lunatics ten at a time.
Things always seem to be so dramatic and scary when you're decked out in scarves and old winter wear.

{Tita and Opa}

I really love this one, it really captures both of them quite well. :)
For lunch, we feasted on this perfectly delectable Asian Chicken Salad, the kale and spinach made it both nourishing and hearty; though the sesame oil can be an acquired taste, I think this salad wouldn't quite be the same without it. Tita also made some melt in your mouth quesadillas using homemade flour tortillas and gouda cheese--ah, bliss. That feast carried us well through to dinner time and we were sent home with cod and oranges. On the way home we were able to read a few chapters of The Magician's Nephew though Mia fell asleep before Queen Jadis made it back to the Ketterly Home. :)
This is my Aunt Gaby, as I've mentioned before, she does a wonderful job at many things and pays close attention to details. She lathered up Nicole with a relaxing pedicure and all was well again with our toes!

If you're ever in need of some fun, girly treatment, Nicole and I found Reflections Day Spa and Salon a wonderful place to be! In addition to beauty products, they carry some fun boutique items like redneck wine glasses (you've gotta see them, it's pretty funny).

And here are the Blueberry Almond Muffins we made Monday night and baked Tuesday morning! America's Test Kitchen was right again and the muffins came out beautifully! Today we tried their mac and cheese and were very impressed; I'd love to try freezing some of their meals and seeing how they taste--later!

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Carolina said...

what a wonderful post, Elena. Thank you thank you for the updates and mostly for the pictures. I love you and miss you.


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