Monday, July 25, 2011

Mary Poppins Writes {Day 10}

Saturday was our first full day with Chris; he had driven home in the wee small hours of the morning and was recovering for most of Saturday morning, so I took that time and went to an estate sale with the girls (Head over to my art blog to read about our finds!); I was inspired by my Mom and sisters who told me about their fun finds the day before. We also went to our favorite Austin consignment shop; the girls were so patient and did a wonderful job at both places.
When we came home from our thrift shopping, Chris took us all to Costco for lunch! Their pizza and gelato is actually quite tasty and presents a perfect place to people watch; I say perfect because you can sit, enjoy your lunch, and within fifteen minutes observe at least 150 people.

Nicole and I have just finished watching a few renditions of Sherlock Holmes, so I was in a deducing frame of mind, it was difficult to restrain myself from wanting to ask people for their life's story, a developing habit that I rather enjoy. I think some people just want someone to listen sometimes.
It's very sweet to see how much the Stickies change when their "Daddy-O" is home.
Sophie and Mia always have something to show him and look to him for so much approval and applause; and Dom, well, lets just say that there is an increase in the amount and volume of truck/crashing sound effects. Another thing that I've noticed is that with the high esteem and affection Chris has, comes authority; Nicole and I could chide and discipline Dom for an offensive action (For example, take this mornings throwing-the-fork-across-the-table-at-Mia incident, thankfully it was a plastic fork), but when Chris sternly scolds him, Dominic bursts into tears, Chris may as well have thrown Dom across the table.
Back to Saturday.
After taking a nice rest, we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with Chris' family. We had a delightful dinner at an Italian restaurant, Nicole, the Chicklets, and I had already eaten so we got the Chicklets sundae's for dessert and Nicole and I shared a cappuccino and truffle sampler (that was the delightful part). As usual, by "sharing" I mean that I stirred in the sugar to taste and dipped my half of the biscotti and Nicole had the rest. ; ) Which is really all that I needed to keep me up the rest of the night! It ended up being a bit of a late night, but contrary to our expectations, the Stickies didn't fall asleep in the car. After wiping down the Chicklets, we dressed them into their clothes and tossed them into bed,
then we all rested.

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