Monday, January 19, 2009

Practices of the smooth running of a home (Part I)

Our family is not one of many traditions but we do have one that the ladies of our family have been doing since the birth of babies. Everytime someone has a baby my Grandma will come down and stay with them for a month or so, keeping house and managing any other offspring.
It is a great relief for the mother to have her there.

Well, after the birth of Joshua Ethan my Uncle Marcos has been able to stay home from work for a week, but my Grandma will not be able to come until next week. So here I am :)
I will be here in the Apodaca home for the next ten days holding down the fort until the much anticipated arrival of dear Tita.

I have really looked forward to the practice and experience of watching three little Apodaca's. Because we have to little ones at home, I tend to get a bit out of practice. Yes, I do babysit and watch little ones at church but never for more than three to five hours at a time.
So, like I said, I'm very much looking forward to this and next week, and I hope to be able to chronicle my small joys and sorrows that I experience throughout the day.
For example, Noah made my morning very bright by telling me numerous times how beautiful I looked (in my unwashed hair and pajamas); I think the fact I was fixing breakfast had some part to play in his decided opinion but there you go.
I had better go now and use the precious nap time wisely!

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