Friday, January 23, 2009

Practices on the smooth running of a home (Part V)

Today was quite memorable; today Jacob and Noah caught their first turtle. Abby was especially excited and promptly began stoning the poor amphibian. Noah was outraged and told Abby so himself. I think I washed their hands fifty times during the meeting; google says not all turtles carry salmonella but I don't play with fire (usually) or bacteria for that matter.
Tonight I have been researching and found that "Benjamin" is a Painted Turtle (Genus Chrysemys), so tomorrow I plan on having Jacob and Noah do some kind of project on this turtles species. Ah the joy of being a homeschooler!

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Carolina said...

Sounds like somebody is having a fun time! :P We are just staring at each other over here. :)


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