Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Practices on the smooth running of a home (Part II)

Last night I was thinking of how odd my day seemed (Aside from the obvious); to me the day went by so quickly and yet so slowly at the same time, a very odd feeling that you must be familiar with to understand.

This morning Noah helped me in the kitchen again; he likes to be assured of his meals. For example, yesterday I could not decide whether to make oatmeal or eggs; so I stood before the pantry in sleepy thought when Noah lead me by the hand to the refrigerator and said, "Elena, this is where the food is" in his funny Eastern European accent.
Poor fellow must worry so much.

Well, this is my second day and so far everything has been coming along pretty well...except for boogery-nose Abby. Apparently the cedar is quite high here and she suffers along with Uncle Marcos and Aunt Amparo. Thankfully I have no such relationship with the tissue box.

One thing I have found extremely helpful is a schedule (go figure). At home my Dad is very good about impressing on us flighty girls that scheduling and planning is very important; and here I am seeing just how helpful it is. So after breakfast I made a chart of the days I will be here and things I want to accomplish on each day; for example today I have: rake leaves, banish the children outdoors, and plant the apple seeds jacob and Noah avoided eating yesterday.
And as I go through the day I will add little things here and there to each day as I think about it.
I must confess that I tend to be a scatter brain...sometimes. I'm like the mouse that was given a cookie...with a glass of milk. So for me, knowing that the vaccuming will get done on Thursday relieves my mind; I know I won't have to try to fit it in or even think about it until then.
Like I said, it's not an original idea but it certainly helps creative-scatter brained mice like me!

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