Thursday, January 22, 2009

Practices on the smooth running of a home (Part IV)

Today we were picking out which books to read before the blessed nap time. The Apodacas recently received a shelf full of literary classics such as Hedi, Treasure Island, a variety of others. Jacob informed me that recently he has been reading Robin Hood on his own during the day. Noah (who is three mind you) bent down to the shelf and scanned the books, then pulling out 20,ooo Leagues Under the Sea, he said that he was reading it during his spare time during the day. The following conversation went like so.

Jacob: No you're not Noah.
Noah: (Emphatically) Yess, Jacob, I am!
Jacob: (To me) He can't even read.
Noah: Yes I can Jacob and I am reading this on my own!
I then suggested that we read The Magicians Nephew aloud together.

This reminded me of something I have thought of this week.
Growing up in a house with girls, I don't really think of the great responsibility of raising boys. I think about the duties and character qualities required of young women; practical things such as keeping house and the hidden art of homemaking. And more mental things such as selflessness and perseverance to name a few.
However, being here has made me think of the very different things that growing boys must learn: leadership, the ways of a gentlemen, and learning to provide for and lead a family. My Aunt and Uncle are not simply raising three boys (So far); they are preparing three future husbands, fathers, or preachers. We learn to submit while they are being taught to lead.
The boys are still young but it gives me great encouragement to see the labour and sometimes of fruit of my Aunt and Uncle training their boys to be young men; showing them the ways of the Lord and teaching them to love Him with all of their being.

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