Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Practices on the smooth running of a home (Part II)

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him"
This quote by John Piper and a wonderful post by my dear friend Jasmine, have pretty well summed up what I have been thinking lately.
Commencing with the later: here I am doing exactly what I have been telling everyone I would be doing after (or in my present case-nearly after) high school: serving others by assisting them in whatever capacity they require. No, it's not a university or a budding career as most expect; it's not even a quiet job in a flower shop.
However, I am doing what I am best suited for: serving on behalf of my family and being given the opportunity to imitate Christ to my young cousins, specifically by caring for them and assisting my Aunt with the home duties.
For someone like me who can get so absorbed by the little things in life, it is so encouraging to read things like Jasmine's blog. It serves as a wonderful reminder and something to think on as I go through my day.
Now for the former, a dear friend of our family has lent me Future Grace by John Piper (and I have been reading it in my "spare" time).
It has also served as an encouraging reminder on my purposes and motivations for my actions, right down to what I allow myself to feel and think.
I highly recommend it.
For those of you who enjoy art, I must confess I really like the artwork of Norman Rockwell. I am interested at the detail he put into his work and the way he expressed his opinions and worldview.
This was the first time I had ever come across something like this in his portfolio.
I like to think it represents my evenings after the boys and Abby have all gone to bed, the kitchen is clean, and I wish I had a pot of tea (and that sort of apron).


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