Monday, January 26, 2009

Practices on the smooth running of a home (part VI)

"Sleep is sweet to the laborer"
Well, I have been reminded of that quote lately (As I write this post so late at night). Now, I am not saying that I have worked very hard while being here, I will say that it has made me appreciate my sisters more. Specifically the way they willingly work together to keep a tidy and cheerful house. The first day I came here it was a bit daunting to do everything on my own. Not to have Mica or Caro to clear the table or take out the trash, but instead have to plan my time in order to get everything done. I felt a bit like the spoiled Mary Lennox, who never learned how to dress herself. I told Nicole that the other day and she just laughed at me :)
So here I am starting my second week at the Apodaca's; for various reasons I may be here until the end of the week.
In all honesty I must say that I miss being home very much, and I don't mind in the least staying here until I am no longer needed (or wanted as the case may be :).
A bit like Mary Poppins.
Oh, and I did feel like her this weekend. Brilliant Nicole thought it would be nice for me to spend Saturday night and Sunday with her, so I really did feel like a nanny, coming back after "my day off". Especially with my kniting bag which really looks more like a carpet bag with lamps and hat stands.


Mitz said...

What a blessing to have you there. I can only imagine how greatly missed you are at home. We look forward to your beautiful smile when you return. In the meantime have fun!!!

Carolina said...

It's so weird over here, something is missing...


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