Friday, March 12, 2010

A quick update on the invalid

1. Clarification: the surgeon only broke her upper jaw and so she is able to talk but no chewing allowed for the rest of the month.
2. The swelling has already hit its peak and is beginning to go down. Pictures of her while swollen are not available to the public at this time via her direct and stern orders.
3. Her main complaint has been congestion and blowing her nose is prohibited at this time.
4. Pain is completely gone but replaced with a sort of numbness which is much easier to manage... or so I'm told. I'm not sure how it is easier because it must be hard to do things, like put on chapstick, when you can't even feel your lips...
5. A strict liquid diet is what she is on right now but I fear she is getting bored of it. Too bad...
6. The above picture was taken two days after surgery and in no way depicts her situation at the moment. She is mostly back to her normal schedule now.

Thank you for tuning in and I hope this quick update answered any questions you might have had regarding Elena's recovery.

In Christ,


Micaela said...

You're so funny Mica :)

Mama said...

Thanks for the witty update Mica. We love you Elena!
Rest, rest, rest.

Abigail said...

Aw! Well, I'm glad to hear that she is out of the phase pictured here, and I hope she continues to recover well!

Take care, dears!

Rebecca said...

Keep getting well! You're in my prayers. :-)


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