Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Spring!

Wonderful things that can only happen in the spring

Tulips budding :: Daffodils opening :: Spring Campus Visit :: Carolina's birthday
Hopeful visits to dear friends :: Flowing, bright skirts :: Swimming :: Planting bulbs and hoping they grow Fresh berry pies :: Walking without sweaters :: Linen capris :: Ratatouille varieties Green covered neighborhoods :: Outdoor parties in the park :: Strappy sandals (which also present a reason for fun toe nail polish!) :: Dinner outside with candles and tablecloths
Fabulous craft projects :: Freshly painted windowsills :: geraniums
old movies (right, so they can happen all the year round, but they've been happening quite a bit around here lately :) :: Spring Conference mit Russell Moore


Alex said...

This sounds like jolly good fun! How wonderful spring is! Praise God for allowing us the priviledge to enjoy such a season.

Daij said...
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