Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camping at the Falls'....

I think I've been unofficially become the camp-picture-posting-person
Ok, I admit it when I first looked at the Falls I said " that's it?". But actually when I got down there and wet my feet, climbed the rocks, and felt the wind blow, I soon changed my opinion. So now I present to you the pictures:

Well this isn't when we were camping, but at my grandma's house.

Our first day at the campsite, and all of us campers that got their early walked down to the river and some of us waded in. The water was cold and refreshing!

On our way up from the river and Becca, Laura, and I decided to sit on this old tree and try to look in deep theological thought. :)

Oh yes, did mention that Sophia came with us? Also on Saturday morning Nicole, Mia, and Dominic came down to spend the day.

On a walk down to the river, on Saturday morning.
The girls cooling off.


One the previous pictures above showed the girls cooling off, well, this is how the men cool off!
No, actually they just wanted to get in for fun. :)

That day was a lot of FUN!

Mia being a goof.

On the trip home mom just saw this butterfly on dads shoulder!


Elena said...

I love the pictures you posted Caro! Great job with being so efficient :)

daring2bdifferent said...

I found your blog through Jasmine Baucham's blog, Joyfully Home, and scanning through these pictures, I thought I recognized the 6th one down, though I thought that I might have seen it from a slightly different angle. The more I thought about it, the more I felt sure that I had seen it somewhere, when I realized that the girl on the far right had posted it on her blog! J.C. is my dear friend that I met when we visited TX to visit GFBC (which, by the way, we *loved* and are now moving half-way across the country for!), and I thought it was so unique that you both had the same picture. ;)


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