Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged again

I got tagged again by Jasmine at Joyfully Home!

For this tag, I have to state six things that I've learned this year and then tag six people. I think I'm really going to like this one since it probably won't make me very hungry afterward, like the fall tag. Here we go!

  • I learned that every girl in church is crazy over Jasmine's 21-month old brother, Asher (who isn't? He's the greatest!)
  • I learned that 150 extra visitors at church, after the FIC conference, is a lot of people
  • I learned that Algebra 2 and Geometry aren't as hard as you think
  • I learned a lot about Genesis 1-11 and 1 John; thank you, pastors Voddie and Paul!
  • I learned that taking Mia's (my niece) thumb away from her and putting a band aid on it is a bad idea; she's an avid thumb-sucker.
  • I also learned that hurricanes are really cool to watch except when your electricity is out

Trust me, I learned much more practical things this year but I only had six points to expound on. Lets see, who should I tag?

How about: Aunt Amparo, Anna, Mrs. Rector, Elena, Nicole, and Caro


In Christ,


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