Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall tag

1.) Favorite Smell... Pumpkin pie baking in the oven or gingerbread cookies

2) Favorite Food... Potato soup

3.) Favorite color... Red

4.) Favorite drink... Pumpkin spice lattes, hot tea, and Jones cream soda

5.) Favorite Treat... Pumpkin and peanut butter cup ice cream and eggnog

6.) Favorite place to visit... We used to go visit cousins but the past two years we've done it with friends from church, which is even better

7.) Favorite Candy... Chewy sweet tarts, peanut mnm's, and skittles

8.) Favorite movie to watch...Around this time of year, 'White Christmas'

9.) Favorite clothing to wear...long sleeve blouses, boots, sweaters

10.) Favorite Outdoor Activity... Playing tag with lots of people

11.) Favorite Football Team... I've never kept up with football

12.) Favorite Fall Holiday... Definitely Thanksgiving

13.) Favorite Haunted Place (haunted as in frequently visited)... The chair by my dad's desk because it's perfect to curl up with a blanket, sip hot tea, read a book, and it's right next to a window

14.) Favorite Food at Thanksgiving Dinner... There's so many good things it's hard to choose! Probably hot rolls and mashed potatoes.

15.) Favorite Pie... Pumpkin

16.) Favorite Fall Hobby... Planning Thanksgiving dinner and baking all sorts of goodies

17.) Favorite Fall Memory... One year, we had some friends over for dinner and we all played a game called Guestures. We were all so full of food and laughed more than we played the game.

18.) Favorite Fall Sight... Leaves falling, cookies baking, Baucham boys in matching outfits

19.) Overall Favorite Fall Thing... Making dinner, playing any game outside, fellowshipping

20.) Favorite Season... It depends where I'm at. I love winter and spring but I don't like summer except in California

I tag anyone who wants to do this!



Jasmine said...

Aren't by boys adorable in matching outfits? :)

We liked a lot of the same things, like pumpkin pie, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, potato soup, skittles, sweet tarts, pumpkin spice lates, Jones cream soda...

You know, I'm getting hungry just thinking about Thanksgiving; I wish it would hurry up! :)

I'm glad you did the tag ~I loved reading your answers.

Micaela said...

The boys were so cute at the conference! I just wanted to eat them up or stick them in my pocket to take home.

After rereading your answers, my stomach was grumbling :)


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