Saturday, October 18, 2008

CQE class

Right now I'm at a CQE (Certified Quality Engineer) class at the University of Houston with my dad. Dad's trying to become a CQE while I'm just here to keep him company and learn a few things. I've always been interested in engineering type of things so this class has got me hooked. I love how everything has structure and unity.
I mostly understood what the professor was talking about last time however, this time he has definitely lost me. Good thing it's dad who will be taking the test rather than me.Can you guess how many questions are on the test? Only 1000. The longest test I ever took was about 50 questions so 1000 seems like a bit much to me. Oh, now the professor is talking about Ratio and Interval Level Data. It seems pretty simple. I would tell you everything else he's talking about but I don't understand it completely yet.
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