Monday, June 7, 2010

Teenpact: Day Two

Here is day 2 of Teenpact. This is rather dusty news, I know, but we thought we would follow through with posting pictures. For more pictures and a neat blog, visit our good friend Rebecca's. She posted much quicker than we did :).

We fed the kids breakfast and then headed out to Austin to help some dear friends of ours. They are soon moving to Manhattan and so we helped them with some housework.

Caro and Lizzie playing around at their pool.
They rather enjoyed the nice, cool water!
"Stop and smell the roses"
Rebecca high up to clean the fans
Dominic being silly for the camera
Group photo! This is their back porch area.
Mom, Mia, and Ms. Judi
I took a few shots of the girls trying to hold still for the camera. I love these type, when they're looking away but with giggly smiles.

Here is some of the usual fun, Ultimate Frisbee!
Chicken Alfredo for dinner! Lots of pasta to be cooked...
Lots of chicken to be chopped and sauce to be stirred to make a delicious meal.
Jennifer and Anna

All the wonderful kitchen help! In this photo we had just sung Jesus Lover Of My Soul in harmony.

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Lacie Verret said...

It appears that you ladies enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship together! Cute pictures. :)

Blessings ~


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