Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hope Chest!

Yes its true, I have recently gotten a Hope chest! Now all three of us girls have a hope chest. It's kind of funny, we all agreed that for each girls 13th birthday they would get a hope chest. Well, we were on time for Elena....but we didn't get Mica's till she was 16, and we were only a year late for me, but doesn't matter now. :) I am so excited, but I not quite sure what to put into it. So I ask,

what have you or would you put in your hope chest?

Caro :)


Carolina said...

Don't give away your hidden secret compartments!

Jasmine said...

Books!! And cute handmade dolls, whenever I find them. =)

Ashlee said...

I bet the best items could be found in a thrift store. Something unique, that you'll never be able to find Target--that's something worth keeping.

And, then, what about pictures, favorite school studies, a broken camera, or anything else that may not be available whenever you have your own home.

in company with sparkles said...

Hi Caro! Mine is quite a jumble.

- An art print (The Quiet Room by Emily Martin/The Black Apple)
- Family heirloom aprons and dishcloths
- Candles and nice soaps which I've collected as souvenirs or gifts
- Favorite fabric to be made into a table cloth
- Gorgeous Anthropologie lookalike bowls found at a grocery store
- Various Starbucks mugs which were gifts
- pastry rings
- sachets
- hotpads or trivets
- Handcrafts like decorative pillowcases, art, etc.
- Little antiques
- cookie cutters
- a few clothes and books from my childhood/babyhood that I want to hang onto and use for my own children, Lord willing!

A project I've wanted to do for a long time and hope to finish before our wedding, is covering a sofa decorative pillowcase with the embroidered flowers I like to make, but it would take at least 16 flowers!


The Pedersen Family said...

Dear Carolina,

I have a hope "bag" you might call it. Some of the things in it are recipes, baking things, decorations, napkins, and a couple of small towels.

Love, Laura

Rebecca said...

Caro --
I'm so glad you finally got it! I don't think I'll ever forget going into that store to buy it, as we were "on our way home" from Teenpact... Great memories! :-)


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