Monday, June 28, 2010

Fare Thee Well!

Dearest Dad,

Today you are bound for a plane and tonight you will be sleeping (hopefully) in a sweet hotel by the River Thames.
Today will be full of cleaning, studying, crafting, selling, and tonight we will be nursing a wee, chicken pox invalid.

Although this is your second trip to the UK,
we will still miss you very much, but we are glad that this will only be a ten-day trip. That's about the same amount of time that you were in Vietnam--except that now you will be with English speaking people who follow the rules of the road.

I know that the time will fly for both of us
and that we will soon see you again.
This time we will try to keep a journal of special things that happen, which will debrief you when you get back home.
I hope you have a wonderful time during the conference at Metrolpolitan Tabernacle; take good notes!

Please remember that we love grocery bags, baseball-style shirts (with Brit flag or Underground sign), and pictures!

Don't forget to close your windows and drapes before you sleep.

So, bon voyage, aufwiedersen, and ciao!

I love you.



I thought the above picture was pretty neat; maybe you could reproduce it sometime while you are there?
Well, perhaps not--that wouldn't help your healing ankle now would it?

1 comment:

Richard said...

Thanks for the post. This is very personal and I love it. I'll miss you Marques Ladies as well! I'll look out for some shirts and bags. I'll be up in Birmingham so I may spend some time there.

Love you.



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