Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of Watermelon and Greetings

(Yes, indeed, the real Leeds Castle that wasn't in Leeds).
Dear Dad,
Here is a list of the Top Five Most Interesting Things That Happened Today:
1. A scab on one of Dom's pox came off due to an excess of coconut oil.
2. I learned that Ethan Allen fought in the American Revolution
3. We introduced Nicole to "Midnight Madness", she writes pretty slow while laughing.
4. Nicole, Mica and I laughed over watermelon; that is to say that Mica and I laughed while watermelon almost came out of Nicole's nose--true story.
5. Mica keeps stepping on and knocking Dominic on accident; I think she assumes that since he is closer to the ground he won't really notice.
6. Dominic says hello to you (be sure to turn off the music at the bottom of the page):

I hope you're able to visit some of Tolkeins old haunts while you're in Birmingham.
Who knows you might be inspired to write a fantasy novel as well!
We love you!


Richard said...

I love this post!!! It seems you ladies are having a greaat time. i'll try to keep busy out here without my family!

Nicole said...

my lil man is too stinky cute!! I loved this post. Dad, we miss you!! Hope you are having a wonderful time out there but we will be glad to have you on US soil again. :)


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