Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Complaining

Dear Dad,
Today the girls decided that after seven hours of sleep, they were done being in bed and woke half of the house.
Yes, it was rise and shine a wee bit early this morning but we managed to make it until nap time.
I (E) took my English Compostition exam today and felt pretty good about the ordeal; this may be due to the fact that I won't know my actual score for a few weeks
but until then ignorance really is bliss.
At the dinner table we were laughing at the way Mom acts when we are at the dentist. While the rest of us are twiddling our thumbs and blandly conversing about floride, Mom is laughing hysterically with the hygenists--it was pretty funny.
We also pulled together a group effort to do the yard work.
Dom served as the distraction, while Mia and Sophie made sure the electronic car still worked (It does).
Dom and I just finished the most recent batch of spinach ice cream (yum!) and now we are brushing teeth.
I hope this wee note finds you well rested and ready carpe diem.
Mia asks for you often and whenever we go to the car she asks if we are going to London.
Sweet dreams!
We have decided that Dom is part dinosaur and part parakeet; truly, he is that loud, high pitched, and makes funny noises. Mom is still firmly convinced that his eyes will turn green; Nicole does not second that motion.
The title of this post is the same as the title of the essay that I wrote today--pretty catchy, huh?

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