Friday, November 21, 2008

A Wedding and a Birthday...

Well as many of you know tomorrow will be the wedding of two very dear people in our church:
Katie and Ray.
Over the past months it has been such a blessing to see the courtship, engagement, and now marriage of these two godly people. In our church they have "set the standard", so to speak, on this season in a unmarried persons life. Naturally a courtship will be quite different for each individual person but I have appreciated how they have been so untraditional in their planning.
Tomorrows wedding will be my first wedding in which the couple have not been living together, have no children, and have a firm relationship with the Lord.
I and my entire family are very excited to be participating in their precious wedding.
Oh, and tomorrow I will be eighteen.


Micaela said...


Carolina said...

Oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Ray said...

Happy belated birthday Elena, and thank you for your kind words!

It has been a joy and privilege walking through a courtship, engagement and now marriage in the fellowship of GfBC. We have been blessed beyond measure, and give God the glory for all good things.

Thank you to you and your family for your excitement and encouragement!


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