Monday, November 10, 2008

An interview and giveaway!

Miss Jocelyn over at " A Pondering Heart" has an interview with Christa Taylor, who started an online business offering modest clothing, called
Here's what Miss Jocelyn has to say:

"You’ve gone and looked at C-T and now you’re wanting to put some of the items on your wish-list…. well, how about a chance to get something early with a $25 give credit for the C-T store?

You can enter a chance to win the $25 GC by leaving a comment, and if you want to enter again tell your friends and when they come to enter make sure they say who directed them here because if they say YOU did then you get yet ANOTHER entry! So if you tell 15 friends and they all say “Sarah told me” then you get 15 more entries."

I checked out some of the clothing and it's great! Very modest and classic clothing.
Hop on over to "A Pondering Heart" to enter the giveaway and read the interview!

In Christ,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by A Pondering Heart, and entering the giveaway!

Miss Jocelyn


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