Friday, November 14, 2008

To My Sister On Her Birthday....

Happy Birthday Nicole! I thought about using "To my elderly sister" as my title but thought twice as I value my life more than my humor (No, the fact that you are half-way to fifty has nothing to do with it).

In all seriousness please read the rest of my post before you go and buy a sniper gun.

(Let me use this as a prelude to the birthday card I am making for you)
The Lord has tremendously blessed our family with you; especially in the past six or five years you have been a very prominent model in my life. I know this is because the Lord has matured and strengthened you not only your walk with Him but also in your character and convictions. Your steadfastness, perseverance, and incredible love have made a difference in my life. You have shown me what it truly means to submit and respect a husband; care for your children (And still keep your sanity); and how to be sensible, upright, caring, and selfless. Whether you intended to show me these things or not this is what you have done; I am reminded and convicted to do these things because of you.

Like I said, I have written down some more personal things to share with you and you will get that when we see you next week.

For now know that I thank the Lord for you and I love you very much.

Your affectionate sister,



Nicole said...

Thank you Elena. I love you and will continue to try to model all those things. You are a sweet and thoughtful woman. Love-Nicole

Young Again said...

Hello Sweet Girl(s)~

This is a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing it on Facebook so that we can all see & enjoy it. I will be back so that I can get a little deeper glimpse into your lives. You girls are all so sweet and if I haven't told you before (I believe I have) you are very special to me.

I love you,
Miss Sue Young AKA: Aunt Sue


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