Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pictures from our trip...

Here are "A few" pictures from our trip to Arkansas; as most of you may know we traveled to visit the Naquins grandparents (with the Naquins). It was very relaxing and we had a splendid time! Mr. and Mrs. Newton were very welcoming and hospitable, we all felt at home right away.
They were very sweet to us the entire time we were with them. It was a wonderful, peaceful prelude to our week ahead...

Because we left to early Caro and Ryle were sleepy on the way...
Very sleepy...
A view of the lake driving up to the house.
And our greatest suprise: it took them forever to get her on and about the same to get her off.
Mica and Jimmy on the mower.

Robbie and his cousins piled in and pretended to um...well a picture is worth a thousand words :)
And here is Mrs. Leonora escorting the assasains...
Emily took Mica and I for a ride in the lawn mower (I was pretending to be in a canoe).
Mr. Newton was wonderful and took us for a tour of the lake.

A lovely view of the lake from the boat.

We were making a short film with the Naquins and their cousins.

Amanda, Emily, and Mica waiting for their turn during the movie.

Caro and Ryle coming back after feeding the fish.
One of the many peaceful mornings during our visit.

Us girls and Jimmy (concealed in Mica's jacket) on the back porch.

This is Robbie and Jimmy getting a bit too familiar with the whipped cream.

We all enjoyed our time and loved every minute we spent with the Naquins and their family, but traveling seems to be our life right now so we went on the road again :)
New Mexico pictures to follow...

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