Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bon Anniversaire, Sophia!

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

I remember when you were born in Austin six years ago. You were just a little bundle then and now you're more precious than ever.

It seems like very little time has passed but I can see that you're already growing up to be a sweet young lady and an asset to your father's household.

It's a joy to see you helping momma in the kitchen and always being willing to help daddy with his motorcycle :).

I love you, Sophia, and I thank the Lord for blessing our family with you!

Your loving aunt,



Jasmine said...

Happy birthday, Sophia!

I had to catch my breath ~six? Already? O dear... all the littles are getting so big! :-)

Jasmine said...

Hey, girls! Just gave you an award at "Joyfully Home!"


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