Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Through a series of events, a new friend of ours has very been gracious in loaning me his cello.

For over a year I have been interested in learning to play the cello; I think it was when I heard Bach's cello concerto in G major and when I saw the movie Master and Commander.
I was excited to receive it and I am starting my first lesson on Thursday with a sweet, retired orchestra director!

I know it will take time to play anything worth listening, but I feel very blessed to have such generous and warm friends.


Carolina said...

How "bisciting"!

Rebecca said...

Hi Micaela,

I was blessed to find your blog while looking at some other blogs I frequently read, I have also been interested in the chello and i just had to say that I want to play the songs from master and commander as well! love that movie! and about your post about praying through the songs, I also have done this it is so wonderful and puts your focus where it needs to be while praying on Him! thank you for such an encouraging blog and keep up the wonderful posts. its so wonderful read your blog with like minded christ honoring posts.

In Christ,


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