Thursday, April 16, 2009

For Young Women Seeking to Be Wise

Today I was greatly encouraged to read the blog post of my dear friend Jasmine. It was concerning the "Proverbs 15 Woman" and I would highly encourage you to read this excellent post!
Here is a small exert that caught my attention:

"I don't think you can be an effective "Proverbs 31" woman if you are not, first, a wise woman, one who strives to increase their understanding of the statues of the Lord."
This is very true and I hope that those who read the post will study Proverbs 15 and take to heart all that is said.

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Tamara said...

You ladies are so sweet. I have never gotten to visit your blog before today, and I loved every moment spent here. The aroma of Christ in the Marques women emanates from your blog and leaves me feeling refreshed in such a rare loveliness. Thank you for your endeavors to create and maintain your blog! I will try to frequent your site.

Love you ladies,



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