Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Encouraging Read

I am a creative type of person. I am always interested in learning new uses for old things and different ways to decorate anything.
God made me to see a rusty can as a flower vase and an old crochet tablecloth as a curtain.
Sometimes it can look a bit odd, but effort does count for something, right?

Before reading The Hidden Art of Homemaking. by Edith Schaeffer, I greatly doubted the real importance of my artistic side.
Some people just can't see the beauty in pressed rose petals glued with pressed Queen Anne's Lace, I can't imagine why. You see, most of the time fresh flowers and wrapping paper are not viewed to be very significant. I could go on with other examples but I think you understand the general idea.

Last year my Mom purchased this book for our library and I loved reading it.
Mrs. Schaeffer has a very unique writing style; each chapter has something encouraging to say to the reader. Music, drama, gardening, books, and flower arranging are a few of the areas to which she dedicates chapters. They are written to the people gifted in the specific area, and she gives very insightful and inspiring words to each one.

Because these seemingly frivolous things really are important in creating a peaceful and homey atmosphere. And although I don't think one should spend exuberant amounts of time on it, I do think that one should make an effort in picking a posy for the dinner table or lighting a candle in the guestroom.

Please don't think that simply because you are not inclined to this sort of thing that this does not apply to you. Here is a quote from Mrs. Schaeffer's book:

“I would define ‘hidden art’ as the art found in the ordinary areas of everyday life.
Each person has, I believe, some talent which is unfulfilled in some area of hidden area of his being –
a talent which could be expressed and developed.”
So you see, you don't have to be an expert to do well in this.


Abigail said...

what a neat post, elena! it can be a fun challenge to be resourceful and put to good (and even artistic) use what is available to you. i would love to hear of more ways that you've done or seen others do this, and if you're able, see pictures posted of it! for i would love to see your pressed rose petals with lace and your unique flower holder.

thanks for the challenge and encouragement in being creative and making home life a little more pleasant by homey touches!



Nicole said...

It's true. I rarely make that special effort in my home but I do notice when others do. I love it when you guys come over and brighten my house with a few bouquets of fresh-picked wild flowers. That extra effort really helps make a home a HOME!

Mama said...

I have always admired the way you make the simple changes (furniture layout...photograph placement)and additions (flowers...fruit) so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I've always admired how things were admirable...

Gina said...

Emily recently read this same book and now our home is sprinkled with her sweet creativity. I have loved to see her new creations. One of my favorites was a short clear vase with river rocks from our garden with beautiful green oak leaves.

When I see these little sweet touches I praise the Lord for daughters and the beauty they bring to a home.


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