Saturday, March 17, 2012

mary poppins: part six

As I type this there are hundreds of things going through my head, then again, isn't that what usually happens before one goes on an extended trip? (Did I pack enough socks? Should I make time to blog everyday? I wonder if we'll be able to finish a read-aloud book while I'm there? Should I bring exercise weights? Gee whiz, I'm going to have to start getting up really early again!) Yes, the time has come for me to take a trip to Austin, my Aunt has had her seventh baby and I am so excited to be serving in the role of cook, chauffeur baker, laundress, baby swaddler, nanny, server of tea and scones (a tradition for my Aunt and I), companion of honorary mama, and chief baby-bottle washer. This makes the fourth time I've come and made myself comfortable in their guest room; though I really didn't blog the last time I was there, I did make it a point to keep a daily journal of sorts after the birth of Joshua (Baby #4) and this time around I plan to similarly document my time there (keyword=plan).

There are so many things I love about helping the Apodaca's.
For one, it truly brings to life how sweet is the sleep of the laborer; I love working hard during the day, then dropping onto my bed at night. Whether it's those loads of laundry, strapping little people into car seats, running up and down the stairs, or helping someone with their arithmetic, one has no time to be idle! Contrary to popular belief, grocery shopping/daily outings with children can be a hilarious, exciting, and wonderful experience; descriptive stories to come soon, I'm sure. ;)

Considering the late hour of this post, there is much more that will come soon!
In the meantime, know that my suitcase is still being filled, fun things to do with the children is still being planned, I'm struggling to decide whether to head straight to bed and get as much precious sleep as possible or have a late night bowl of cereal and talk with my family (if only I could do both!), and I'm looking forward to the adventures to be had in the coming weeks.

I hope you'll be joining me for them. : )

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