Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Film Festival!

Back in 2009, my family and I went to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival; we had a great time, and have been meaning to go again. So this year Mica and I hitched a ride with some good friends. With these kind of events, you can't count on getting more than six hours of sleep. Why? Because, either the sessions go out late, you have a long drive to and from the convention center, you're wired on caffeine, OR you're a social bug and like to chat with people till all hours of the night. Ninety percent of people will fall into at least two of these categories. We were everything but the long drive to and from the convention center and the caffeine, so we sometimes got seven hours of sleep. :) By all means, I am not complaining; just pointing out the facts.

The stage...from the third floor! It was quite nauseating to be up so high.

All of us GfBC kids with Stephen Kendrick.
It's funny, it started with one person introducing himself to Mr. Kendrick, then everyone slowly gravitated and surrounded him. It felt like a gang.

George Sarris.

Saturday night, we got to meet Emily and Josiah Jost, who, with their siblings, produce the Jostie Flicks (of which I highly recommend for a good laugh).

Charlie Zahm and Tad sang every night...

Over the weekend, we tagged along with chatted with Hannah Mendenhall

Virginia Phillips carried some of the awards to the stage.
Later in the evening, she sang a song with Charlie Zahm and Tad. It was really cute!

The pretty side of the food court that we and a bunch of friends ate at.
We had a great weekend of movies, fellowship, and meeting new people (I guess that counts with fellowship).

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