Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
I hope you have gotten over jet lag by now. How are things going? Well, over on this side of the pond, Mica is pretty much over the flu, and I just really, really want to be done with the flu. Its been two days for me to be sick, though it feels like eternity! I guess this has reminded me that it is not my plans that will prevail. Oh, I got your British card in the mail on Saturday! Thank you! Also, I opened up grandma's package, which was an embroidered table cloth which matches the napkins that she had already embroidered and given to me. The table cloth has little pockets at the corners, and in each pocket, there was a generous amount of money! Earlier that morning, the Webbies, Aunt Gabby, and Grandma all called and sang happy birthday, the Hoods called as well, and the Apodaca's called today. It was so cute to hear all the kids, with their little voices, sing. For dinner we went to Locatelli's and enjoyed some yummy pizza, Mica and I did our best to not cough. And it was strange, one of the waiters recognized us from HEB, because he works there part time. Today I have felt awful, and spiked up a fever, but right now the Ibuprofen has kicked in, so I am feeling good (at least for a little bit). We listened to a message by Paul Washer today, it was really good. Well, I better get ready for bed (and your probably having breakfast or lunch). We all miss you!

The green couch mom got me!

Yes, those cups are all mine.

Grandma's package.

Caro :)

P.S Thinking about it, I am very grateful that I don't live in the 1800s
with the flu, I can't imagine how they survived before.

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Richard said...

Happy Wonderful Birthday!

It seems you had a good time even though you're on your deathbed...

God has been good to our family to have you as a daughter/sister!

I love you very much!



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