Wednesday, April 27, 2011

15 things I'm thankful for...

1.For my family, whom I can only begin to treasure.

2. Blessings.

3. The Hood family, and how they have been a blessing, each one in a different way.
We will miss you Hoods!

4. My encouraging music teacher! Who has been so helpful and positive.

5. Family. :)

6. Our Film Class, our team, and my new appreciation for the film-making industry.

7. Read-alouds (I just had to mention that), parties, and midnight showings!

8. Dear friends.
Who we had so much fun visiting.

9. Our small group study of A Portrait of Paul, along with the delightful fellowship.

10.My very own bluebonnets.

11. Our Church.

12. The Webbies.
And especially for the little bundle of joy coming in June! :)

13. Dancing in the Minefield and Andrew Peterson.

14. Fun memories.

15. For God's hand in my life.


The Armour Family said...

Once again, I just LOVE your pictures! It looks like you have an awful lot to be thankful for - don't we all!?!
And how in the world did y'all get so muddy!?! Just had to ask, even though I already know the whole story! Y'all are so funny!
Wow! You have a very large family!
Have a blessed day!
Soli Deo Gloria,

John Urback said...

Love the picture under number 14! Where was that taken?


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