Sunday, July 4, 2010

To The Very Lovely and Most Beautiful Nicole

{Nicole and her Precious}
Dear Dad,
Nicole sent these photos that she took yesterday--isn't she stunning?
The majority of it is from the inside, which is constantly being refined and made more beautiful.
She really is a fine fellow and I am so grateful to have her as an older sister,
best friend, and sister in Christ
(And no, as sentimental as that sounds, there are no tears this time :)
{Sophie running for the plunge}
Also, here are some photo's of the Girlies while they are swimming (Note Mia's floaties).
{Mia the Sitting Duck}
{Sophie's fabulous standing-on-the-water ability}
I hope these brightened your day!
All photo's are courtesy of Nicole and her iphone.
Mom REALLY misses you. very much.
Have you tried any more odd food yet?

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