Tuesday, July 20, 2010


On account of this month being a wee bit too full for a regular post, here is a quick and condensed post of what we have been up to lately:
::Traveled quite a bit, mostly to the Austin/ Burnet area. Dad also returned from his (as far as we can tell) last trip to the UK::
::Proved we were still immune to the chicken pox. Poor Dom somehow contracted a case of it and Nicole and the girls stayed with us for a few days. Thankfully Dom kept his pox to himself.::
::Mica, Caro, and I had great fun hosting a craft open house! There were lessons learned all around and we had a wonderful time sharing our crafts with people.::
::I have been busy knitting a few main projects; please visit my craft blog to learn more!
::We've been able to see quite a bit of some dear friends who will be moving to New York! We're very thankful that this busy time has provided some sweet time together::
::Life in general, we each have projects and assignments to keep us busy throughout the week, although we still love posting our thoughts and pictures on this blog!
We've just been a bit busy lately :)

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