Saturday, July 3, 2010

God Save the Queen and Happy Independance Day

Dear Dad,

It was a grand suprise to get your call today.
I was half expecting a salesman!
You'll have to tell us what it is like to spend Independance Day in our mother country;
would it be appropriate to visit the grave of our last monarch?
I'm studying the American Revolution for my next exam and we are in the middle of "John Adams",
so England has been in our minds lately :)

Tomorrow we plan on listening to some sessions of the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference, then perhaps cleaning some more. Not very patriotic but we figured there were plenty good-hearted rednecks out here to be patriotic for us.
I'm hoping there will be some good fireworks by the water.

The house looks so wonderful!
We've re-arranged nearly every room except for Grandpa and Grandma's room; you ought to see it, it's like a whole new house.
Well, I can smell the popcorn and Mica plans on making more spinach ice cream tonight (!!).
I have been seriously craving some carrot cake like the one Nicole made for Dom's birthday, and this time I want to make it with almond flour so Mica can also enjoy the yummy goodness.
If this turns on your carrot cake craving as well, we can make some when you come home (!!).

Hope you're able to enjoy a cup of English tea tomorrow.

I love you!



Sorry, nothing to put in this section today, except that we have been giving Kate a spoonful of coconut oil (Natural dog health experiment of Mica's) in her supper dish
and she has been LOVING it.

Oh, and I had a wee bite of the human-like dog treats (I know, I know)that we bought Kate--very bland.

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Richard said...

Love this post again. Oddly enough not too many people here were well informed of the festivities going on in the US. I suppose this is a coping mechanism!

The cup of tea was delightful last night. I had an espresso this morning in my room as this was a complimentary service. Part of the 120pounds price...

I'd love to see your workmanship at Grandma's when you get a chance. I'm sure its spectacular with all kinds of colors and trims and such...

Love you,



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