Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things to Do

Well, as it turns out, my Mom and Mica will be abandoning---I mean deserting---ahem.

Tomorrow my Mom and Mica will be going to Austin for the rest of the week; my grandpa has an appointment that he wanted my Mom to attend with him and Mica is going to accompany her, hug and kiss Tita, carry the three Stickies (Sophie, Mia, and Dom) like a donkey, and hang out with The Lovely Nicole. I must say that I feel a bit sad to be left behind; I'd love to smother the Stickies with kisses and spend time with Tita (sniff), but I'm sure Caro, Dad, and I will amuse and occupy ourselves very well :).

Here is my list for the week:

::Remove weeds and dead plants from our "flower" garden. I think our neighbors have looked at our wilted Bermiliads long enough.

::Organize and condense my closet to make room for a craft area; if I can waltz in there I may as well make room to create and store my craft things also.

::Create a "Photo of the Day" series while they are gone. I love the Nie and You blog that Nie Nie created and thought it would be a fun project for Caro and I, so stay tuned!

::Complete the new, gluten-free recipes for dinner! Our family has started this two-month gluten-free diet and we are having lots of fun trying recipes and discovering new favorites (Like the yummy plum-vinegar! Thank you Hood family!). Hopefully there will be pictures as well :)


Micaela said...

I will always feel sad to leave any of you girls behind but this is a necessary trip. I love you Elena. I love you Carolina. Love,

Anna Mc. said...

Sounds like you will keep busy! Y'all are so encouraging to me to eat healthier. I can't wait to try out our new homemade kombucha:)

John said...

You waltz in your closet? This is intriguing.

Rebecca said...

I hate to make you feel worse, but I got to spend time with all of them today, too! We had a great morning. :-)

Dad said...

Great blog!

Nicole said...

You poor dear! Always left behind. I think you will survive. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you occupied while they are gone. And if its any consolation, we barely get to see them while they are here. Love you! Until we meet again......


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