Saturday, February 6, 2010

Three/Four: Pardon Me Please

Dear Mom and Mica,
I'm very sorry there was no picture yesterday.
It was just one of those pictureless days that you shouldn't have when you are doing a "Photo of the Day" blog series. No real excuse.
But here is one of my favorite Norman prints, and no it does not represent yesterday in any way.
Caro and I spent the day cleaning, helping her with the dreaded algebra, and making meatloaf which didn't taste as good as Mom's. Ah well, one of the disadvantages of not being Mom, nothing tastes quite like hers.
I hope you like the way I re-arranged the room for the Superbowl; do you think they know that people re-arrange the furniture in their living room to make room for the telly for the day?
Mica, I am wearing your purple long-sleeve shirt today. I'll wash it before returing it.

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