Friday, June 19, 2009

"Well, my Pink Bunny... "

Sophia has a stuffed bunny named Pink Bunny. A brief history is that Sophia carries this "girl" around with her everywhere and has lost it several times. As a result of consistently losing her, Chris got her the last Pink Bunny (bunny #3) for the rest of her life.
Pink Bunny has a habit of getting into trouble but she's a loyal companion... or so I'm told. Sophia often has to spank her for various reasons but Pink Bunny is rather stubborn.
Anyway, here's a short but funny conversation Sophia had with Chris a few weeks ago.
Chris was lying next to Mia and so Sophia said, "Daddy, why are you sleeping with Mia and not me?" (tears are brimming at this point)

-"Because I haven't seen her all day."
~"But you haven't seen me either! (stammering) You, you just like Mia more than you like me..."

-"Um... that's not true, Sophia. I love you both."

~"Well, I love my Pink Bunny and, (sniff) and my Pink Bunny loves me! So, I'm just going to sleep with my Pink Bunny!" (flops on bed)

-(laughing) "Ok, you do that."

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